How to Install a Recessed Linear Electric Fireplace

How to Install a Recessed Linear Electric Fireplace

A recessed electric fireplace is placed in a cut-out area of a wall, so the side of the fireplace is hidden and only the outer fireplace frame shows. The fireplace frame is flush to the wall – also known as a flush mount installation. A linear electric fireplace, like what you see in the picture above is vent-less and powered by electricity. It is meant to be used indoors.

Basic Steps to Install a Recessed Electric Fireplace:

  1. Create an opening in the wall.

  2. Rough-in the framing opening following the recommended framing dimensions. ( You will find this in the installation manual).

  3. Hardwire it in (we recommend using a licensed electrician).

  4. Place the fireplace into the framed opening.

  5. Attach the fireplace to the frame.

  6. Install the decor and front glass and/or frame.

Watch the video below to get a more in-depth idea of how to install a recessed electric fireplace.


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