How to Measure for a Fireplace Grate

How to Measure for a Fireplace Grate

A fireplace log grate comprises cast-iron or steel bars with legs that elevate the logs off the floor, improving the flow of oxygen to the fire.

The depth and the front and back width of the existing fireplace opening are needed to ensure an appropriately sized fireplace grate is selected. Please follow the steps below to obtain the measurements required to purchase a grate for your fireplace.

Step #1: Measure the Back Width

Step #2: Measure the Front Width

Why do I need to measure the front and back width?

Some fireplaces have a different back width from the front. If your fireplace has a smaller back width, it is important to use this measurement. You can use either width measurement if your front and back widths are equal.

Step #3: Measure the Depth

Step #4: Determining the Size of Your Grate
The grate should have at least 3 inches of clearance on each side

To make sure you have 3 inches of clearance from the front and back of the grate and 3 inches of clearance on either side of the grate, you’ll need to:

Subtract 6 inches from the total back width measurement
Subtract 6 inches from the total depth measurement


For Example:

If your fireplace has a back width of 28 inches, you’ll subtract 6 inches for clearance on each side of the grate for a total width of 22 inches. 

If your fireplace depth measurement is 25 inches, you’ll subtract 6 inches for front and back clearances for a total depth of 19 inches.


After subtracting, we now know that within this example, your fireplace would need a grate with a width of 22 inches and a depth of 19 inches.


After completing the steps above, you should now have the following:

1. Fireplace Grate Width ___________________________

2. Fireplace Grate Height___________________________


Now you can use these measurements to purchase an appropriately sized fireplace grate!


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