two-sided see thru linear gas fireplace with led lights

Installing a two-sided gas fireplace? Things to Consider

Installing a two-sided gas fireplace, or thinking about it?  Practically maintenance free, easy to operate and ambiance.  An elegant window in your home with aesthetic and heating value.  With a host of options for controlling them (switches, timers, thermostats, bluetooth, wifi, etc.) gas fireplaces are a huge value boost for a number of applications.   And a two-sided gas fireplace can be even better as long as you take into consideration a few important points.

You really want to start visualizing what you want the end result to be, as with any remodel or installation.  Is the fireplace to be situated between the dining room and the kitchen?  A partition wall in the bathroom?  At what height will the fireplace be best viewed from?  What are the most important aspects to you?  How thick will the wall be?  Different fireplaces will have varying depths and the “thinner” the fireplace, generally, the less heat output.  If this is a vented unit, where will the vent be situated and where will it penetrate to the exterior?  Will you opt for a mantel?  Mantels on both sides?  What sort of facing material (stone, tile etc.) will you use to finish the fireplace?  How much heat output do you want and do you have sufficient sized gas piping to accommodate?  Do you want to mount a TV above the fireplace?  These are just some of the questions you will want to answer before moving on to selecting a fireplace.  Choosing a fireplace first, then trying to fit it to your particular wants and needs can be a frustrating process.  If you  are hiring contractors to complete this work, they will be much easier to work with if you have a clear idea of what you want.  In having this “clear vision” of your two-sided dream fireplace you’ll be more easily able to choose the right contractor for you as well.

So, you’ve figured the perfect height!  You know how thick of a wall you’re willing to go with, considering space for foot traffic, entry ways, etc.  (It is also good to come up with some tolerances, where you may need wiggle room.  Ex/ there may not be any fireplaces that work with your particular wants and needs.  Prepare to be a little flexible.)  A quick little side note; be aware of windows.  You’ll want to avoid placing the fireplace so that you can see through it to an outside window on the opposite wall.  This will diminish the brilliance of the flame.  You’ve eyed out some good exit strategies for the venting system.  Generally, you want to count on 9-10 inches of space for vent pipe.  There are features on the exterior of a building that you may need to avoid as well, this info can be found in product installation manuals.  You’ve determined what you would like for heat output (we don’t recommend using for primary heat).  If you are counting on using your fireplace for back-up heat, you may want to consult a professional and have them perform a Heat Loss Calculation, to make sure you have sufficient Btu’s.  Now, which fireplaces will work with your specifications?  All fireplaces are going to have different clearances to ceilings, mantels, walls and so on.  Different fireplaces are going to have different venting components and limits to where and how they can be vented.  In some cases, the only options may be ventless fireplaces.  These clearances and all other specifications can be found in product installation manuals.  We always recommend consulting professionals to work through the selections process.  Here, at we provide free consultation and detailed, expert custom venting kits for any configuration.


If gas isn't an option, take a look at the latest from Napoleon, the CLEARion See Thru Electric Fireplace.  This fireplace can be installed in a 8" thick wall or a standard 2"x4" wall with one of the optional trim kits!

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