About us

North Country Fire is an employee owned company.  We specialize in gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces and gas stoves.  Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable field technicians who have installed and serviced hundreds of fireplaces and stoves.  

Our background is in the heating and cooling industry. We got our start as service techs working to install and service for local home owners.  Since our start we have worked in a wide variety of situations, from replacing commercial roof top heat exchangers, ventilation systems for cigar shops, tankless water heaters, mini split heat pumps to complete heating, cooling and water heating systems for new homes.  As we grew, we found an increased demand for gas and electric hearth products, which we began to really enjoy installing and servicing.  As time passed we focused completely on selling, installing and servicing fireplaces and stoves in our local area.
The next step in the journey was to open our online hearth store, northcountryfire.com.  When we were researching the idea of opening up an online store, we looked closely at other hearth stores online.  What we found were websites which carried 1000's of products with confusing navigation, inaccurate descriptions and pictures and customer service that was focused on "the sale".  We decided to try and build an online store that was different from the rest.
Our philosophy here at North Country Fire is to provide a service to our customers.  We do this by sharing our intimate knowledge of gas and electric stoves and fireplaces, their service and installation.  Our knowledge goes beyond the typical "trained" employee as we have spent many, many hours in the field learning the ins and outs of the hearth world first hand. 

Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our customers by creating easy to navigate product pages, intuitive option menus and exemplary customer service.  

We are authorized dealers of all the brands we carry.  We offer technical support for installation questions and troubleshooting after purchase.  All manufacturer's warranties are supported.  

We are here to help, just let us know how!  Chat: Using the dialog box in the lower right or call (844) 635-5499