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Napoleon 4"x7" Direct Vent Fireplace Venting Component Rear Vent Kit | GD7RVK |


Through-Wall Rear Vent Kit includes: 1-20" flex vent (4" inner and 7" outer), 1-GD222 wall terminal/vinyl siding shield.

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Flexible Venting - Simply Perfect

Cost efficient, convenient & durable.

Freedom Flex Venting systems are top of the line when it comes to materials, cost efficiency and convenience with proven durability for 25 years. Made with two layers of rolled aluminum, our flexible vent pipes pass each and every certification test, exceeding industry standards. Unlike aluminized steel and galvalume, our vent pipes are manufactured of 100% aluminum material and made to withstand the corrosive condensates from combustion.

Questions & Answers

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  • Do these meet code for direct venting in Minnesota? I haven't seen flex pipe addressed in any installation manuals.

    That's a question for your local authorities as we don't know the local code requirements.  Flex vent pipe is addressed in manuals that allow flex vent to be used.  If the model you're installing or planning on installing doesn't list flex vent pipe as an option, then it's generally not allowed.   Thanks for your question!