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Heat Distribution
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  • Choose Decline Option:
    • If: No additional heat distribution system is required.
    • Benefits:
      • Standard Output: Maintains the fireplace's existing heat output without modification.
  • Choose Hot Air Distribution Kit:
    • If: You want to maximize the heat spread from your fireplace.
    • Benefits:
      • Efficient Circulation: Distributes warm air throughout the room more effectively.
      • Energy Saving: Helps in reducing the reliance on central heating.
  • Choose Heat Management (Side Grill):
    • If: You need targeted heat distribution to specific areas.
    • Benefits:
      • Targeted Warmth: Directs heat to desired areas using side grills.
      • Customizable Comfort: Allows for control of heat flow to different zones.
  • Choose Heat Management (Front Grill):
    • If: You prefer direct heat output from the front of the fireplace.
    • Benefits:
      • Direct Heating: Efficiently disperses heat directly from the front, enhancing room warmth.
      • Room Focused: Ideal for heating the immediate vicinity of the fireplace.

Heat Distribution Systems circulate or redirect warmth from the fireplace throughout the room or house.

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