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Heat Distribution
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  • Decline Heat Distribution Parts Option:
    • If: You are content with the standard heating performance and distribution of your fireplace without any modifications.
  • Choose Heat Distribution Kit:
    • If: You're looking to enhance the efficiency of heat distribution within your space.
    • Benefits:
      • Improved warmth distribution: Facilitates the spread of heat more evenly throughout your room, ensuring a comfortable environment.
      • Enhanced efficiency: Optimizes the heating capability of your fireplace, potentially lowering energy costs.
  • Choose Hot Air Exhaust Kit:
    • If: You aim to improve the venting of heated air from your fireplace to specific areas in your home.
    • Benefits:
      • Targeted heating: Allows for the directed flow of warm air, making heating more efficient in desired locations.
      • Venting versatility: Enhances the ability to customize where and how the heated air is distributed in your space.
  • Choose 5 ft Flex Vent Extension Kit:
    • If: You need additional length for your heat distribution or exhaust system for optimal placement and performance.
    • Benefits:
      • Extended reach: Provides the extra venting distance needed to achieve ideal heat distribution or exhaust outcomes.
      • Installation flexibility: Offers more options for the routing and positioning of your heat distribution or exhaust vents, accommodating various installation scenarios.

Heat Distribution systems circulate warmth from the fireplace throughout the room or house, like fans or ducts.

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