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Media Kits
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  • Decline Media Kit Option:
    • If: You are satisfied with the standard log set that comes with your fireplace and prefer not to add additional media.
  • Choose Mineral Rocks:
    • If: You're looking for a natural and rugged aesthetic to enhance your fireplace's appeal.
    • Benefits:
      • Natural elegance: Adds a raw, earthy touch with assorted shapes and sizes of rocks, mimicking a natural outdoor setting.
      • Unique texture: Provides a distinctive look that complements the flame, creating a striking visual effect.
  • Choose Beach Fire Logs:
    • If: You wish to recreate the cozy ambiance of a beach bonfire right in your living room.
    • Benefits:
      • Coastal charm: Brings the relaxed, inviting vibe of a seaside fire with beautifully crafted log sets.
      • Warm aesthetics: Enhances the fireside experience with a blend of logs, embers, and shells for a truly unique display.
  • Choose Shore Fire Kit:
    • If: You aim to capture the serene allure and natural charm of a sun-kissed shoreline.
    • Benefits:
      • Lively mix: Combines an assortment of rocks, sand, vermiculite, and glass to mimic the colorful and textured landscape of a shore.
      • Artistic flair: Offers a creative and playful way to decorate your fireplace, bringing a piece of the beach indoors.
  • Choose Woodland Kit:
    • If: You're aiming for a natural, forest-inspired ambiance.
    • Benefits:
      • Natural beauty: Brings the serene, organic feel of the woods into your home.
      • Authentic experience: Replicates the look of a forest floor, adding ambiance to the fireplace.

All kits are priced with the required media bracket

Media Kits are a collection of decorative elements such as stones, rocks, or glass beads that are placed in the fireplace.

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