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Remote Control
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  • Decline Remote Option:
    • If: You prefer to use the standard controls provided on the fireplace without additional remote capabilities.
  • Choose Wall Mounted Thermostat:
    • If: You seek precise temperature control with a permanent, easily accessible solution.
    • Benefits:
      • Consistent comfort: Allows for setting and maintaining your desired temperature for continuous comfort.
      • Easy access: Provides a fixed location for thermostat control, ensuring convenience and ease of use.
  • Choose On/Off Remote Battery Operated:
    • If: You value the convenience of wirelessly turning your fireplace on or off from anywhere in the room.
    • Benefits:
      • Wireless convenience: Offers the flexibility to control your fireplace without having to physically interact with it.
      • Simple operation: Provides an easy-to-use interface for turning the fireplace on or off, enhancing your overall experience.
  • Choose Thermostatic Remote Battery Operated:
    • If: You're looking for advanced control over your fireplace's temperature settings with the convenience of a remote.
    • Benefits:
      • Temperature precision: Enables you to set and adjust the temperature remotely, ensuring optimal comfort.
      • Enhanced functionality: Provides the added convenience of thermostat control in a handheld device, offering both comfort and control.

Remote Controls adjust settings such as on/off, temperature, flame height, and sometimes light intensity.

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