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Heat Distribution
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  • Decline Option:
    • If: Your existing setup provides sufficient warmth, or you wish to maintain the current aesthetics without additional components.
    • Benefits:
      • Simplicity: Retaining your current system keeps the setup straightforward and avoids the need for extra maintenance.
  • Choose Heat Out Gas Air Duct Kit:
    • If: You're looking for an effective way to redistribute excess heat from your fireplace to other areas, enhancing overall comfort.
    • Benefits:
      • Efficient Utilization: This kit enables the redirection of heat, ensuring comfortable temperatures in desired areas.
      • Enhanced Comfort: By managing where heat is distributed, you can maintain a balanced temperature throughout your home.

  • Choose Heat Zone Gas Air Duct Kit:
    • If: You're seeking an advanced solution for distributing your fireplace's warmth to multiple areas, maximizing heating efficiency.
    • Benefits:
      • Efficient Heat Distribution: The kit enables targeted delivery of heat, ensuring that warmth is precisely where it's needed.
      • Customizable Comfort: With the ability to direct warmth to specific zones, you can create a tailored heating strategy that suits your home's layout.
  • Choose Vent Trim For Front Discharge Using Ducted Passive Heat:
    • If: You aim to enhance the aesthetic integration of your ducted passive heating system while effectively directing warmth into your living space.
    • Benefits:
      • Aesthetic Integration: Designed to blend seamlessly with your fireplace, this vent trim enhances the look while improving heat output towards the front.
      • Enhanced Heat Flow: Focuses the passive heat discharge to the front, optimizing warmth distribution in the immediate area for increased comfort.
  • Choose Passive Heat Kit for Side Discharge:
    • If: You prefer a non-electric option to enhance heat distribution laterally, improving warmth in rooms adjacent to the fireplace.
    • Benefits:
      • Natural Efficiency: Leverages the natural flow of air to distribute heat sideways, enhancing the heating of adjacent spaces without additional energy consumption.
      • Subtle Integration: This solution is designed to work with your existing fireplace setup, ensuring effective heat distribution without altering its appearance.
  • Choose Passive Heat Kit for Front Discharge:
    • If: You aim to direct additional heat forward into your living area, maximizing the warmth and comfort of your space directly in front of the fireplace.
    • Benefits:
      • Direct Comfort Enhancement: Focuses on increasing the warmth directly in the living space, improving overall comfort and ambiance.
      • Elegant Design: Integrates seamlessly with your fireplace's look, enhancing functionality without compromising on style.


Vent Trim (PHTRIM-48C) requires Passive Heat Kit to order.

Systems to circulate or redirect warmth from the fireplace throughout the room or house.

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