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Empire Boulevard 48 Linear Vent Free Gas Fireplace | VFLB48FP |

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$2,889.00 - $3,109.00
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Boulevard 48 fireplace will add value, ambiance, and warmth to your home. With its strong horizontal lines, contemporary burner, and chic accessories, a Boulevard 48 Linear Vent-Free Fireplace adds drama to any decor.

Boulevard 48 Brochure


  • See all available accessories here
  • Up to 32,000 BTUs
  • Crushed Glass may be installed with or without the log set
  • Include barrier, thermostat remote and battery relocation kit
  • Accessories your fireplace with Black Porcelain, White Porcelain or Stainless Steel Liner
  • The Boulevard's Intermittent Pilot system eliminates the standing pilot - saving energy and your money.
  • Can operate on battery backup mode

Not recommended for use above 4,500 feet elevation

Empire Boulevard 48 Linear Vent Free Gas Fireplace | VFLB48FP | Technical Details


Product Details

Fuel Type: Gas
Vent Type: Vent Free
Ignition Type: Millivolt or Electronic
Installation Type: Zero Clearance
Style: Linear
Weight: 124 lbs.
Model: Natural Gas (NG) Propane (LP)
Max. (BTU/HR): 32,000 BTU's 32,000 BTU's
Min. (BTU/HR): 21,000 BTU's 23,000 BTU's
Empire Boulevard 48 Linear Vent Free Gas Fireplace | VFLB48FP | Dimensions


Actual Dimensions

Height Width Depth
221/2" 543/16" 11"

Framing Dimensions

Height Width Depth
415/8" 541/2" 111/2"

Technical Drawings

For more detail please see the Installation Manual

VFLB48 Technical Drawing 1
VFLB48 Technical Drawing 2


1. How will the fireplace be delivered? Will the delivery driver bring it into my house?

All fireplaces are delivered via freight (tractor trailer truck) to the specified street address you provide us, we do provide free lift gate service with all freight deliveries. The delivery driver is only responsible for unloading the items from the truck, not to move them anywhere. For more information on the delivery process visit our FAQ page.

2. Where are the accessories for this fireplace?

You can find all of the available options on the accessories page.

3. How is the fireplace vented?

This fireplace is vent free and does not require any venting. Be sure to check your local codes as vent free appliances are not allowed in all states.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Is there a limit to where u can install these? Could you possibly put into a kitchen island, in an open environment?

    Yes. There are minimum framing requirements for these units plus clearances would have to be maintained in front of the unit as well (18in minimum for this particular model). Please see the installation manual for more details. Boulevard 48 Linear Vent Free Installation Manual

    Thank you for your question!

  • What is the warranty for this item.

    The warranty can be found in the back of the model's installation manual on page 60. VFLB48FP Installation Manual

    Thank you for your question!

  • Can this be converted to propane?

    The fireplace would come from the factory as either natural gas or propane. The Boulevard vent free series is not field convertable. Thanks for the question!

  • what is the difference between milivolt and electric ignition

    Millivolt Ignition/Standing Pilot is a style of ignition with which you need to manually light the pilot with a push button igniter (like a gas grill) each season.  The pilot then typically remains on for the entire portion of the year you expect to use the fireplace or stove.  A Standing Pilot system uses the small amount of power generated by the pilot flame to power the main gas burner and does not require any electricity to operate (except for lights and blowers).  The Electronic Ignition system is hard wired or plugged into 120V, with this system the pilot typically remains off until the fireplace or stove is turned on at which point the system will light the pilot automatically and verify it, then turn on the main burner.  This system has a battery back up in order to work during a power outage. Most electronic ignition systems have the option to run the pilot in constant mode (always on) or intermittent mode (only on when you turn on the fireplace or stove).  Thanks for the question!

  • Hi!! Do you need to have an exhaust for this fireplace?

    No exhaust or venting is needed for this fireplace. All of the heat and products of combustion stay inside the living space where the fireplace is installed. Thanks for the question!

  • What is the direct vent option for this exact fireplace?

    Here's a link to the Boulevard 48 direct vent gas fireplace.  Thanks for your question!

  • What are all of the extra pieces that I need to purchase to look like the one on your web site?

    The fireplace shown in the picture includes the stainless steel liner, clear crushed glass and 3/4" black trim kit.  Thanks for your question!

  • If this is ventless do you need a pipe to go to the outside?

    No, a vent free or ventless fireplace does not connect to the exterior.  All of the heat and products of combustion stay inside the living space where the fireplace is installed.  Thanks for your question!

  • Can this insert work outdoors.

    No, this fireplace is not designed for outdoor use.  A similar option, but outdoor rated, would be Empire's Carol Rose 48 linear outdoor gas fireplace.  Let us know if you'd like more information.  Thanks for your question!

  • Does this gas fireplace have a blower?

    No, this fireplace does not include a blower nor is there an option for one.  The direct vent version of this fireplace does have an optional blower.  Thanks for your question!

Warning CA residents-Prop 65