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Empire Boulevard 72 Linear Vent Free Gas Fireplace | VFLB72FP |

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With its outsize proportions, its contemporary burner, and its programmable multi-color LED lighting system concealed beneath an ocean of crushed glass, a Boulevard 72" Linear Vent-Free Fireplace makes a bold statement that's sure to turn heads in any setting.‚ Easy installation with no venting needed.‚

Boulevard 72 Brochure


  • See all available accessories here
  • Up to 40,000 BTUs
  • Intermittent Pilot with Thermostat Variable Remote Control
  • Includes Multicolor Programmable LED Lighting under burner
  • Thermostat Variable Remote Control
  • In-Wall Lighting control module and battery back-up module with stainless switch cover
  • Battery Relocation Kit

Not recommended for use above 4,500 feet elevation

Empire Boulevard 72 Linear Vent Free Gas Fireplace | VFLB72FP | Technical Details


Product Details

Fuel Type: Gas
Vent Type: Vent Free
Ignition Type: Electronic
Installation Type: Zero Clearance
Style: Linear
Weight: 256 lbs.
Model: Natural Gas (NG) Propane (LP)
Max. (BTU/HR): 38,500 BTU's 40,000 BTU's
Min. (BTU/HR): 30,000 BTU's 27,000 BTU's
Empire Boulevard 72 Linear Vent Free Gas Fireplace | VFLB72FP | Dimensions


Actual Dimensions

Height Width Depth
221/2" 783/16" 111/16"

Framing Dimensions

Height Width Depth
415/8" 781/2" 111/2"

Technical Drawings

For more detail please see the Installation Manual

VFLB72 Technical Drawing 1
VFLB72 Technical Drawing 2


1. Why am I required to purchase glass media with the fireplace at additional cost?

The fireplace is designed for use with crushed glass media over the burner and the LED lights. Without the‚ glass, your fireplace would not function correctly and would look incomplete. The item is an additional cost to allow you to choose which look you like best.

2. How will the fireplace be delivered? Will the delivery driver bring it into my house?

All fireplaces are delivered via freight (tractor trailer truck) to the specified street address you provide us, we do provide free lift gate service with all freight deliveries. The delivery driver is only responsible for unloading the items from the truck, not to move them anywhere. For more information on the delivery process visit our FAQ page.

3. The picture shows a reflective background, is that included?

No, the stainless steel liner is an optional accessory you can choose from the options above.‚ ‚ You can find‚ the liners, trim kits and‚ media kits on the accessories page.‚

4. How is the fireplace vented?

The Boulevard 72"‚ vent free gas fireplace does not require any venting.‚ Be sure to check your local codes as vent free appliances are not allowed in all states.

Questions & Answers

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  • Why is this not recommended for elevations above 4,500 feet? We are at 5,200 feet, so I am curious. Thank you.

    Oxygen content is reduced at higher altitudes and therefore the unit's oxygen depletion sensor is more likely to activate as the altitude increases. Thanks for the question!

  • what is the difference between vented and non vented linear fireplaces

    A vent free gas fireplace is an open system (with a safety screen) that keeps all of the products of combustion in the room.  Products of combustion include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water vapor and more.  A vent free fireplaces uses the oxygen in the building as it burns.  There's also a slight odor associated with vent free fireplaces.  A vented or direct vent fireplace is a sealed system.  It has an exhaust that runs to the exterior of the building and an air intake as well.  This means that none of the air in the building is exchanged with the air in the fireplace.  You typically get plenty of heat from both types of fireplaces.  There's a blog post with a bit more information about what a direct vent fireplace is.  Thanks for your question!

Warning CA residents-Prop 65