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Empire Tahoe Premium 36 Multi-Sided Direct Vent Gas Fireplace | DVP36 |


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The Tahoe Multi-Sided system draws in outdoor air to support combustion and sends its exhaust directly outdoors, and must be located in a position that allows venting through an exterior wall or through the roof.

Tahoe Premium Multi-Sided Series Brochure


  • See all available accessories here
  • Up to 35,000 BTUs
  • Includes Dimmer Controlled Accent Light
  • Includes Banded Brick Liner
  • With a built-in 24-inch Slope Glaze Vista Burner, large tempered-glass viewing windows, ceramic fiber floor liner and glowing embers
  • Offeres in Millivolt remote models
Empire Tahoe Premium 36 Multi-Sided Direct Vent Gas Fireplace | DVP36 | Technical Details


Product Details

Fuel Type: Gas
Vent Type: Direct Vent
Vent Size: 4x6-5/8
Ignition Type: Millivolt
Installation Type: Zero Clearance
Style: See-Through or Peninsula
Vent Inner Diameter: 4 Inches
Vent Outer Diameter: 6-5/8 Inches
Weight: 240 lbs.
Model: Natural Gas (NG) Propane (LP)
Max. (BTU/HR): 35,000 BTU's 35,000 BTU's
Min. (BTU/HR): 24,000 BTU's 28,000 BTU's
Empire Tahoe Premium 36 Multi-Sided Direct Vent Gas Fireplace | DVP36 | Dimensions


Actual Dimensions

Height Width Depth
411/8" 39" 24"

Framing Dimensions

Height Width Depth
411/2" ST - 40 | P - 39" 23"

Technical Drawings

For more detail please see the Installation Manual

DVP36 Technical Drawing 1
DVP36 Technical Drawing 2


1. Why am I required to purchase a barrier and logs set with the fireplace at additional cost?

The fireplace is designed for use with these items. Without these items, your fireplace would not function correctly and would look incomplete. The items are an additional cost to allow you to choose which look you like best.

3. How will the fireplace be delivered? Will the delivery driver bring it into my house?

All fireplaces are delivered via freight (tractor trailer truck) to the specified street address you provide us, we do provide free lift gate service with all freight deliveries. The delivery driver is only responsible for unloading the items from the truck, not to move them anywhere. For more information on the delivery process visit our FAQ page.

4. Where are the accessories for this fireplace?

You can find all of the available options on the accessories page.

5. How is the fireplace vented?

The fireplace is typically vented using DuraVent 4x6-5/8 venting components. If you need help designing the venting system let us know with an email or a phone call and we can assemble a custom solution for your situation.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Can this fireplace be vented downward through the floor to the basement then to an outside wall, a distance of about 25 ft?

    No, this fireplace can not be used with a power vent which is required whenever venting downward.  A similar option that is compatible with power venting is Napoleon's BHD4.  Thanks for your question!



Do I need to order any accessories for this fireplace?

No, the Alluravision 50 includes a clear cube ember bed, cord and trim. If you prefer, you can purchase different color glass embers available on the Alluravision Accessories page, but we suggest starting with the included clear embers as they work best for showing the full range of LED color's available. You can always order the colored glass later on if you decide you would like it.

How will this fireplace be sent to my house?

The Alluravision 50 fireplace will be shipped via freight truck or standard ground service. For freight delivery it is necessary for you or someone you choose to be available at the time and place of the delivery. Read more about how freight shipping works on our FAQ page.

Can this fireplace be recessed into the wall?

Yes, the Alluravision 50 can be wall mounted, partially recessed or fully recessed. Check out the excerpts from the installation manual in the images above to see how the Alluravision 50 can be installed using the included wall bracket or building it into the wall

What are the electrical requirements?

The Alluravision 50 is equipped with a standard plug for any outlet, it requires a 15 AMP, 120 Volt circuit. It is not required, but recommended that the circuit be dedicated, as additional electrical draw from other appliances may trip the breaker. The Alluravision 50 can also be hard wired.

How much does it cost to use the heater?

That depends on your electricity rates. The current average is $0.12/KWH, the Alluravision 50 Slim uses 1.5 Kw/H on high, so it will cost around $0.18/Hour to operate.

Please let us know if you have any further questions with an email or a phone call, we're here to help!

Warning CA residents-Prop 65

Warning CA residents-Prop 65