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Interior Panel
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  • Decline Option:
    • If: The current interior of your fireplace meets your aesthetic and functional needs without additional modifications.
    • Benefits:
      • Cost Efficiency: Opting out of additional interior paneling can save on unnecessary expenses.
      • Maintenance Simplicity: Keeping the original interior can also simplify maintenance and cleaning routines.
  • Choose Reflective Black Glass:
    • If: You aim to enhance the depth and intensity of the fire's appearance, creating a more dynamic and visually striking focal point.
    • Benefits:
      • Visual Depth: The reflective nature of black glass amplifies the fire's glow, adding depth and vibrancy to its appearance.
      • Elegant Aesthetic: This option brings a sleek and sophisticated look to your fireplace, complementing modern interior designs.

Interior Panels line the inside of the fireplace, providing insulation and a customizable look.

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