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  • Decline Surround:
    • If: You prefer the simplicity of your current setup without additional framing.
    • Benefits:
      • Seamless integration: Maintains the original look and feel of your fireplace area.
      • Cost-effective: Avoids the additional expense of a surround, focusing on the natural beauty of the fireplace.
  • Choose Stainless Steel Surround:
    • If: You're looking for a modern and durable finish.
    • Benefits:
      • Contemporary look: Enhances your space with a sleek, metallic accent.
      • Accentuates features: Its reflective surface complements the fireplace's flames, adding depth and brightness to your room.
  • Choose Black Surround:
    • If: You aim for a bold statement with a classic appeal.
    • Benefits:
      • Elegant design: Provides a sophisticated frame that complements any decor style.
      • Versatile styling: Black surrounds work well with a wide range of color schemes, enhancing the fireplace's visual impact.


If you choose a surround:
You cannot choose a trim kit or additional barrier options.
Surrounds take the place of trim kits and barrier selections

Surrounds are frames or panels that enclose the perimeter of the fireplace front covering any gaps between the fireplace and wall.

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