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The Oxford direct vent gas stove combines the beauty and durability of a cast iron wood stove with the flexible installation and convenience of gas. The solid cast iron construction features a radiant ceramic burner system with a large glass viewing area to maximize enjoyment. Add warmth to any room in your home with the Oxford. Propane conversion kit included with every order!

Majestic Oxford Brochure


  • See all available accessories here
  • Classic black cast iron construction
  • Insta-Flame ceramic burner
  • 3-piece split oak ceramic fiber log set
  • On/Off controls
  • Remote or thermostat capable
  • Includes LP conversion kit
  • Steady State efficiency up to 81%

Majestic Oxford Direct Vent Gas Stove | OXDV30 | Technical Details


Product Details

Fuel Type: Gas
Vent Type: Direct Vent
Vent Size: 4x6-5/8
Ignition Type: Millivolt
Installation Type: Free Standing
Style: Traditional
Vent Inner Diameter: 4 Inches
Vent Outer Diameter: 6-5/8 Inches
Weight: 286 lbs.
Model: Natural Gas (NG) Propane (LP)
Max. (BTU/HR): 28,000 BTU's 28,000 BTU's
Min. (BTU/HR): 20,000 BTU's 19,000 BTU's
Majestic Oxford Direct Vent Gas Stove | OXDV30 | Dimensions


Actual Dimensions

Height Width Depth
283/8" 241/2" 17"

Technical Drawings

For more detail please see the Installation Manual

OXDV30 Technical Drawing Main


How will the stove be delivered to my house?

All stoves are delivered via freight (tractor trailer truck) to the specified street address you provide us, we do provide free lift gate service with all freight deliveries. The delivery driver is only responsible for unloading the items from the truck, not to move them anywhere. For more information on the delivery process visit our FAQ page.

How is the stove vented?

The Oxford is typically vented with DuraVent Direct Vent Pro 4"x6 5/8" venting. A starting adapter is necessary. If you need any assistance with planning your venting system don't hesitate to call, we're here to help. (844)635-5499

Does the stove come with a remote control?

No, the Oxford is not sold with a remote control. You can find one on the accessories page.

Have a different question? Let us know! Chat, email or call, we're here to help.

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Do you ship to Massachusetts?

    Yes, we do.  Thanks for your question!

  • How many btu

    The Oxford has an input of 20,000-28,000 BTU's with natural gas and 19,000-28,000 BTU's with propane.  Thanks for your question!

  • Where is this product manufactured?

    The Oxford is manufactured in Halifax, PA.  Thanks for your question!

  • Does the top of the stove heat up so I could do simple water heating or food cooking?

    The top of the stove heats up, but it probably wouldn't be good for any kind of cooking.  Thanks for your question!

  • How big an area does this heater heat

    According to the manufacturer, 700 - 1,200 Sq Ft.  The acutal area it can heat depends on the climate, building and other factors.  Thanks for your question!

  • Can this be installed in a manufactured home? HUD approved?

    According to the installation manual "This appliance may be installed in an aftermarket* manufactured (mobile) home, where not prohibited by state or local codes."  Thanks for your question!

  • Can a gas fireplace stove have a blower?

    Yes, some stoves include blowers, others have blowers as options you can add.  Thanks for your question!

  • Can this stove be installed on a second floor?

    Yes, this stove can be installed just about anywhere, second floors included.  Thanks for your question!

  • Does the vent pipe have to go straight up can it go straight back into a chimney?

    The vent pipe can go into a masonry chimney using a chimney conversion kit such as the DuraVent 46DVA-KCA.  Thanks for your question!

  • Can the exhaust/chimney/flue for this stove go inside an existing 6" stove pipe (formerly used for a wood stove)?

    You can use a chimney conversion kit with this stove which maintains the direct vent system through an existing chimney.  Let us know if you'd like more information.  Thanks for your question!

  • Can it run without electricity? We have limited power. Also, I live in SE AK, what are my shipping options?

    Yes, the Oxford does not require electricity for operation, only the blower requires power.   At this point we do not offer shipping to AK.  Thanks for your question!

  • Does it have a blower fan? If not does the manufacturer have a blower fan accessory?

    The blower is not included, but can be added.  The part number is FK26.  Thanks for your question!

  • Hi, I have three questions: 1. Can the stove be played on a hardwood floor? 2. What is the flue diameter and it’s maximum length? 3. Can you add a 6” or 8” black metal cylinder around the flue at it’s base of ~ 4’ long for aesthetic purpose and for added safety? Thank you Vladimir

    Yes, the stove can be placed directly on a hardwood floor.  The outer stove pipe diameter is 6-5/8" and has a maximum of 40 ft vertical and 20 horizontal.  You could add something additional around the vent pipe, but I don't think you would find it necessary.  The pipe is designed to be exposed and is painted black.  To add safety, you would need to protect the area around the entire stove as the stove will be as hot, if not hotter than the vent pipe itself.  Please let us know if you'd like additional clarification.  Thanks for your questions!

  • Do any stoves have a 7 day programmable thermostat

    None of the stoves include a 7 day programmable thermostat, but you can connect one to a stove.  You just need to make sure the thermostat is a universal type or works with millivolt gas systems.  Basically, the thermostat must run on battery power and operate as a switch for the stove, it can't draw it's operating power from the stove like it would a furnace.  Thanks for your question!

  • Are there options to vent through the back of the stove?

    No, the Oxford is a top vent only.  The Napoleon Bayfield or Knightsbridge have rear vent options.  Thanks for your question!

  • Questions about the Oxford Majestic direct vent gas stove, model OXDV30. Does this stove include a flow control knob to adjust the flame height? I have seen several variations on the last letters of the model number for this stove such as OXDV30DVSB, OXDV30SB, and OXDV30SP. In the specifications you list this one as OXDV30NVSB. What is the difference? Thanks.

    Yes, there is a control knob on the gas valve to change the flame height.  The correct model number is OXDV30SP with the SP meaning "standing pilot" the other versions of the model number relate to the older models that are no longer in production.  Thank you for pointing that out and thanks for your questions!

Warning CA residents-Prop 65