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Majestic SLP 4"x 6-5/8" Direct Vent Pipe Length 24" Galvanized | SLP24 |

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Majestic SLP 4"x 6-5/8" Direct Vent Pipe Length 24" Galvanized | SLP24 |

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  • Is the 4" x 7" also referred to as the 4" x 6 5/8" direct vent pipe. It seems to me that installers refer to the majestic direct vent pipes as 4 x 7 so it is a bit confusing. I currently have a Majestic fireplace and want to raise it off the floor by 6" so we can instal a hearth. I need to replace one of the exhaust pipes (48") with a 42" pipe or a combination of pipes that adds up to 42". I was thinking of using a 36" and a 6" pipe to accomplish this. Thanks for your help.

    The current Majestic vent pipe is the SLP 4" x 6-5/8" but it's very possible your fireplace uses an older style venting, depending on the age.  It's also possible the fireplace was installed using a different brand of venting.  If possible find the brand and size of your existing venting so that you can match it (some vent pipes are now obsolete).  If SLP is the appropriate venting for your situation, I would suggest the 36" length and either the 6" adjustable (SLP6A) or 12" adjustable (SLP12A).  Feel free to send the venting brand and part nubmer of your existing venting to and we can help out further.  Thanks for the question!