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Napoleon F60 Thermostatic Hand Held Battery Operated Remote with Digital Screen | NAP-F60 |

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Installation and Operation Manual (click here)


Provides convenient on/off and thermostat control


Easy-to-read digital screen

2° Temperature swing reduces short on/off cycling - if the thermostat is set to 68° F the fireplace or stove will turn on at 67° F and off at 69° F

Can be used with most millivolt (standing pilot) fireplaces and stoves

Convenient switch for use in degrees Fahrenheit or Celcius

Questions & Answers

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  • Will this remote work with the Acies L50?

    Yes, the F60 will work with the Acies L50.  Thanks for your question!

  • Could you please explain the feature differences between the F45 and F60 remote controls for the Napoleon Ascent 36 gas fireplace (model B36NTRE)? Thanks!

    The F45 is a two button, on/off remote.  The F60 is an on/off/thermostat remote, it has an on and off button as well as arrows to set the room temperature.  In thermostat mode, the remote will turn the fireplace on or off automatically, like a thermostat, at a set temperature.  It will not change flame height or other functions.  Thanks for your question!

  • Have a Napoleon gas fireplace with remote MODEL #FDC-503 our dog got hold of remote can I use a universal remote or any other Napoleon remote to replace this one I did find on line but very expensive

    Sorry, I'm not familiar with that model.  What type of remote you can use depends on the model of your fireplace.  Thanks for your question!

  • We have installed the Vittoria Fireplace and it looks great. We have the F60 remote, but cannot figure out how to operate the light, fan or flame height with the control. If we can't use the remote for this, how can we conveniently use these features? We have another Napoleon Fireplace that allows us to do these things with the remote and would like to use this remote for the same operations.

    The F60 remote will only control the on/off function of the burner, nothing else.  The light, blower and flame height of the Vittoria can only be adjusted by accessing the control panel and manually adjusting them.  Some fireplaces are equipped with full function remote controls, others can be upgraded, but the Vittoria does not have that option.  Thanks for your question!

  • Does the receiver bolt in stove

    The receiver doesn't usually get bolted to a stove or fireplace because it's easier to change the batteries if you can pull it out a bit.  It's generally just placed inside the stove or fireplace near the gas valve.  If there's no space for the receiver or if it would be in a location that would be too hot, it can be secured underneath with velcro.  Thanks for your question!