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Napoleon Freedom Flex 4"x7" Direct Vent Fireplace Venting Component Vent Kit 10 ft. | GD-330 |

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10' Vent lengths, compressed to 40" in length.

(incl. 1 - 4"x10' + 1-7"x10" flexible aluminum liner)

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Flexible Venting - Simply Perfect

Cost efficient, convenient & durable.

Freedom Flex Venting systems are top of the line when it comes to materials, cost efficiency and convenience with proven durability for 25 years. Made with two layers of rolled aluminum, our flexible vent pipes pass each and every certification test, exceeding industry standards. Unlike aluminized steel and galvalume, our vent pipes are manufactured of 100% aluminum material and made to withstand the corrosive condensates from combustion.

Questions & Answers

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  • What is the difference between gd220 and the gd330?

    The GD-220 is a 5ft section and the GD-330 is a 10ft section.  Thanks for your question!

  • I moved my fireplace into the basement directly underneath where it vents outside. Am I ok with extending the flex vent up through the floor and using the same vent? Will I need anything else?

    That should be fine.  If you have existing flex vent, you just need the right length and the couplers to connect the new vent.  Thanks for your question!

  • I have an existing 8” flue, is it acceptable to run the 4 x 7 up that existing pipe?

    If you're running the 4x7 pipe up an existing brick chimney, yes that is acceptable, but there are other options for traditional brick chimneys.  Please contact us at with a description of which fireplace you're installing and what the venting setup will be.  Thanks for your question!

  • I cannot find anything about clearances for vent pipe specifically ones that may want to be buried in a ceiling. what are the clearances from combustables? are there any?

    The clearances for vent pipe to combustibles varies depending on the model of fireplace the venting is being used on.  Some fireplaces require three inches clearance to the top of a horizontal vent with one inch of clearance to the sides and bottom, while others can be reduced to 1 inch on all sides with a certain amount of vertical rise first.  If you let us know the model of the fireplace you're installing we can help with the vent clearance requirements. Thanks for your question!