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Napoleon Direct Vent Gas Fireplace Power Vent Terminal for 4"&7" Venting | GPV |

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Gas Power Vent Kit includes power vent terminal, power vent cord/wire harness (20") and electronic junction control box. Designed for use in conjunction with our 4"/7" Freedom Flex Vent systems.

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Flexible Venting - Simply Perfect

Cost efficient, convenient & durable.

Freedom Flex Venting systems are top of the line when it comes to materials, cost efficiency and convenience with proven durability for 25 years. Made with two layers of rolled aluminum, our flexible vent pipes pass each and every certification test, exceeding industry standards. Unlike aluminized steel and galvalume, our vent pipes are manufactured of 100% aluminum material and made to withstand the corrosive condensates from combustion.

Questions & Answers

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  • What power vent adaptor kit, if any, would be required for the Napoleon Altitude X42 fireplace unit?

    Thanks for your question. The Power Vent is designed for venting gas appliances when a typical vent configuration cannot be achieved, or long horizontal runs are required. Typical, ie. a short rise off of the appliance and a 90 degree bend terminating on an exterior wall, or a straight run through the roof. If yours is a typical installation a power vent would not be a requirement

  • technical advice. After summer of no use, the remote wouldn't start. Replaced batteries in both sensor unit and remote. Ideas?

    Make sure that the reciever and the remote are synchronized, which must be done within 15-30 seconds of the batteries being placed in the receiver and the switch in the "remote" position.  Thanks for your question!