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Napoleon CLEARion 50 Inch See Through Electric Fireplace | NEFBD50H |

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$1,999.00 - $1,999.00
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No Longer Available, please see the new version, Clearion 50 Elite

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Napoleon Clearion 50 Inch See Through Electric Fireplace | NEFBD50H |. Built In, Remote Control Included, Topaz Embers, LED Colors & Realistic Log Set.

Utilizing the latest technology for the most realistic flame in a see-through electric fireplace ever. This in-wall fireplace can be plugged in or hardwired directly. The Clearion double-sided fireplace can heat two rooms at different rates simultaneously. With the sparkling crystal media ember bed for a modern look or more traditional with the hand-painted South Beach Logs with Topaz Glass Embers; both sets are included. Featuring out of sight LED, color-changing lights, both ember bed styles glow with a luxurious and realistic feel that can be enjoyed from two rooms.

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  • See all available accessories here
  • Topaz Glass Embers and South Beach Logs included
  • Up to 9,000 BTU's and warming up to 800 sq. ft.
  • Remote operation adjusts heat output, flame color, height, and flame speed
  • Orange and Blue or Combined Color options
  • Simple Framing Specifications for 8" wall thickness
  • Black surround with color-changing LED, crystal, and log ember bed
  • Can be plugged in or hard wired to 110V or 220V.
  • Multi-color LED Ember Bed
  • Heaters operate independently from both sides
  • Adjustable Flame Speed
Napoleon CLEARion 50 Inch See Through Electric Fireplace | NEFBD50H | Technical Details


Product Details

Fuel Type: Electric
Vent Type: Vent Free
Installation Type: Wall Mount or Full Recess
Style: Linear
Weight: 115 lbs.
BTU's @ 120V: 9,000 BTU's
Amps: 15 Amps
Watts: Max 3000W
High Temp Setting: 95°F
Low Temp Setting: 41°F
No Heat Setting: Yes
Napoleon CLEARion 50 Inch See Through Electric Fireplace | NEFBD50H | Dimensions


Actual Dimensions

Height Width Depth
183/8" 50" 9"

Framing Dimensions

Height Width Depth
1715/16" 49" 8"

Technical Drawings

For more detail please see the Installation Manual

NEFBD50 Technical Drawing 1
NEFBD50 Technical Drawing 2


Do I need to order any accessories for this fireplace?

No, the Clearion See Thru includes a crystal ember bed, South Beach log set and black surround. If you are installing the fireplace in a 2x4 (4.5" finished depth) wall you can add one of the optional trim kits available on the Clearion Accessories page.

How will this fireplace be sent to my house?

The Clearion fireplace is shipped via freight truck or ground service. For this type of delivery it is necessary for you or someone you choose to be available at the time and place of the delivery. Read more about how freight shipping works on our FAQ page.

How much does it cost to use the heater?

That depends on your electricity rates. The current average is $0.12/KWH, the Clearion uses up to 3.0 Kw/H on high, so it will cost around $0.36/Hour to operate on maximum heat.

Please let us know if you have any further questions with an email or a phone call, we're here to help!


Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • can this be installed on an exterior wall? Is the glass strong enough to weather the elements?

    Unfortunately, no, this fireplace can not be installed on an exterior wall.  Thanks for your question!

  • can i install in a 9 inch deep wal

    It is possible with the Clearion Elite (the current version), if the area around the fireplace is reduced to an 8" depth with a 3/8" clearance around the trim, finish material can be an additional 1-1/2" thick on each side, top and bottom.  See page 10 of the installation manual for a drawing showing this option.  Thanks for your question!

  • I am tearing out a propane double sided fireplace from a wall that is 30" deep and 72" wide. I'm capping off the gas line and replacing it with an electrical unit. Can this unit be installed in a wall that is 30" deep? I'm envisioning 10" insets around the frame on both sides of the wall..... Bad idea?

    As long as the wall section where the fireplace is installed is only 8" deep and a bit of the area around it then you should be okay.  Just keep in mind clearances to combustibles of any overhanging materials.  Thanks for your question!

  • Can this be placed on an exterior wall?

    Unfortunately, no, this fireplace is not designed for use on an exterior wall.  Thanks for your question!

  • Can you get the flame to flicker?

    The flames don't exactly flicker, but they do fade in and out. It's designed to mimic a linear gas fireplace. Not sure if that answers your question!  Let us know if you'd like additional clarification.  Thanks for the question!

  • I'm going to make the opening on a wall (my wall is 7"wide). What is the size of the opening that I need to make? 17"15/16 X49" is this the correct opening? Thank you very much!

    Yes, the framing opening needed is 17-15/16" H x 49" W.  Keep in mind, since the depth of your wall is only 7" you will probably want to trim one or both sides out to acheive the 8" depth desired.  With a 7" deep wall, you will have one side sticking out 1" or each side sticking out 1/2".   This could be accomplished by a simple wood (or other material) trim on one or both sides.   We're here to help with any installation questions so please let us know if you'd like any additional clarification.  Thanks for your question! 

  • Can this unit be installed in an existing box designed for wood logs? It is open on two sides.

    It certainly could be, as long as the space is availble.  Without knowing exactly what you have to work with, I would say if you can fit the fireplace in the opening along with any framing and finish work necessary, then there's no reason it couldn't fit.  Most likely, the existing box is deeper than the eight inches of the Clearion, but it could still work.  Please let us know if you would like additional information. Thanks for your question!

  • The wall that I want to put this fireplace in is built with 4 x 6s (7" wide with Drywall). What would be an easy option to bridge the gap?

    I think the best option may be to frame the opening with 1/2" thick wood on each side or 1" thick wood on one side (if you prefer to have it flush on one side).  The trim only overlaps about 5/16" on the top and bottom while the side trim overlaps about an 1-1/4".  So you could install the frame so that it's not very visible or make the frame wider and paint it an accent color.  I hope that helps, please let us know if you have any additional questions.  Thanks!

  • I want to mount a TV over top of it. Is there a minimum distance between the TV and fireplace?

    The manufacturer doesn't give us a specific minimum distance to a TV mounted above the fireplace, so the best guidline is the minimum clearance to combustibles, which would require a minimum clearance of 8" above the fireplace.  We always recommend providing as much distance as is reasonably possible, installing a mantel or recessing the TV if possible and contacting the TV manufacturer to see if they have any specfic restrictions when mounting the TV above a heat source.  Feel free to get in touch if you would like additional information, Thanks for the question!

  • Can I mount it regular and flush on the bedroom side and use the deep trim on the living room side? The wall is 5 1/4 inch deep.

    It may be possible to install this way.  The body of the fireplace is 8-1/16" deep.  Less the thickness of your wall (5-1/4") you would be left with 2-13/16" of the body sticking out of the living room side.  The trim is just over 2-1/4" deep, so you would be left with about 9/16 of the body still visible.  To take care of that you could install some additional trim to build the wall out a little to match with the final depth of the deep trim on the living room side or do the same on the bedroom side to bring the deep trim flush to the living room side.  I hope that answers your question.  If you would like any additional clarification, please let us know, Thanks for your question! 

  • Since this does throw off some heat,do you recommend a firewall or insulation be put around the unit?

    It does put off some heat, up to 9,000 BTU's if wired to 220V and both heaters are running on high, but it is not recommended to or necessary to put a firewall or insulation around the unit.  Using the supplied mounting brackets on wood framing there will be a slight gap around the fireplace, filling that gap with insulation would actually put the unit at risk for over heating.  Let us know if you'd like some more clarification.  Thanks for your question! 

  • I'm going to build a custom wall for this fireplace, how deep should it be?

    The easiest way to build a wall for the Clearion would be to use the thickness of two 2x4 studs (3.5" each) and half inch drywall on each side.  This will give you the ideal 8" deep wall.  If you're going to have a different kind of finishing material, like tile, reduce the stud depth accordingly.  For example, if your tile, plus mortar, plus cement board will be 1" on each side, reduce the stud depth to 6" so that you end up with a total of 8" depth including the finish material.

    The Clearion can also be installed in a standard 2x4 wall with 1/2" drywall using one of the available deep trim kits.  A standard 2x4 wall with 1/2" drywall on each side will only give you 4-1/2" depth which would leave the body of the fireplace exposed.  The deep trim kits cover the exposed portion of the fireplace as well as the face, replacing the original trim.  Thanks for your question! 

  • How much does the wall have to built out on each side?

    There is no technical minimum for building out the sides.  You can build out as far or as close as you want providing you allow enough thickness to secure the fireplace and finishing material.  If you need additional clarification, please email us at  Thanks for your question!

Warning CA residents-Prop 65