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Napoleon GD-222 4"x7" Direct Vent Fireplace Venting Component Wall Terminal/Vinyl Siding Shield

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 4"x7" Direct Vent horizontal termination for use with Napoleon's Flex Vent system components.  The termination is designed for easy installation on any type of exterior siding, even vinyl.  

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Product Summary

For use with the 5' GD-220 or the 10' GD-330

Flexible Venting - Simply Perfect

Cost efficient, convenient & durable.

Freedom Flex Venting systems are top of the line when it comes to materials, cost efficiency and convenience with proven durability for 25 years. Made with two layers of rolled aluminum, our flexible vent pipes pass each and every certification test, exceeding industry standards. Unlike aluminized steel and galvalume, our vent pipes are manufactured of 100% aluminum material and made to withstand the corrosive condensates from combustion.


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Freedom Flex Features

  • Cost Effective. Not only does Freedom Flex cost up to 80% less than competitors’ rigid vent, but an installation with Freedom Flex takes less than half the time!
  • Fewer pieces and connections needed. Leading to less time and labor and less likely to leak.
  • Simplified installation because of expanding lengths. No wasted time measuring each section and up and down ladders or finding you forgot an elbow joint and delaying your install.
  • Adaptability for different applications or a change in the position of the fireplace. Often the fireplace position may be “tweaked” for design purposes, which could require new parts and an offset in rigid venting as well as the need to disconnect and reconnect. With Freedom Flex, just bend or stretch to the new angle. Simple!
  • Less Waste. Used effectively, sections of Freedom Flex pipe that are cut off can be used in other fireplace applications offering additional cost savings.
  • Convenience. Freedom Flex is light weight and comes in 5' and 10' vent lengths that are compressed down to 20" and 40" lengths respectively to help not only with warehouse storage and work truck space, but also with the ease of handling.

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Testing Standards

Our Freedom Flexible aluminum vent is produced from type 3003 aluminum alloy. Like rigid vent, it must meet the test requirements that are contained in the harmonized safety standards for vented gas fireplaces, ANSI Z21.88/ CSA 2.33 and ANSI Z21.50/ CSA 2.22. Beyond that, flexible vent must meet specific test requirements that are contained in UL 1777 Chimney Liners and ULC-S635 Standard for Lining Systems for Existing Masonry or Factory-Built Chimneys and Vents. In short, Freedom Flex not only meets the same ANSI standards as other direct vent rigid pipe but also meets additional standards!

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